08 Sep 2016

A tour of Italy – MANNINGTON USA

This past week, Aquafil hosted 14 couples from Mannington Commercial in the US to tour northern Italy, and of course, to see the ECONYL® Regeneration System up close and personal. Fourteen couples came from all over the US and started their journey of a lifetime in Verona, Italy.

Tuesday started with a drive along beautiful Lake Garda to the Aquafil plant in Arco. We toured the facility and saw the state-of-the-art equipment used here and heard a presentation from Mr. Bonazzi about Aquafil and his vision – and realization – of a circular economy. Afterwards, we enjoyed a private boat tour of Lake Garda, stopping at Limone for shopping and then a dinner on the shore of Malcesine with a magnificent view of the lake. It was clear to see why Aquafil wanted to preserve the beauty of this area with sustainable practices in manufacturing.

Thursday proved to be the most interesting for the Mannington sales reps, as we toured both the waste warehouse in Adjvoscina and also the ECONYL® plant in Ljubljana. We saw the waste that was collected and processed first-hand – from artificial hair and fish nets to carpet fluff and textiles – it was clear to everyone that this was not a recycled “stamp” Aquafil was receiving for its 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, but rather it was an intricate and difficult process of actually regenerating waste into something useful. After the plant tours, we had a private guided tour of Ljubljana and another incredible dinner.

Friday we enjoyed free time in Trieste before touring the Fonda fish farm in the Adriatic Sea. The fish nets used at this farm – where fish are hand-fed and raised without any chemicals – are regenerated into ECONYL® yarn. Afterward, we enjoyed another private tour, this time of Pirano, and one last amazing dinner by the sea. And with this, the tour was over and the loop closed. After this week, Mannington sales reps truly understand the commitment Aquafil has made with its ECONYL® yarn to preserve and maintain the beauty of what they had seen with the ECONYL® Regeneration System.