Arco (TN)

Aquafil (Headquarter)

Aquafil S.P.A.

Opened in 1969, this plant is the oldest Aquafil production site.
Today, alongside its industrial activities, the site is home to the Group headquarters and is still the strategic center for its worldwide operations.
Built in the extremely delicate natural environment of Alto Garda, this plant has been a benchmark for the Group’s environmental policies, and has regularly implemented programs to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

Registered office and plant
P: +39 0464 581111
F: +39 0464 532267

Frazione Cares, 86 - 38077 - Comano Terme (TN) ITALY


Tessilquattro S.p.A.

Established in 1993, this company runs one of the four Trentino sites owned by the Aquafil Group, and processes the BCF filaments with interlacing and twisting techniques.

P: +39 0465 709011
F: +39 0465 701506

Rovereto (TN)

Aquaspace and Waste Water Treatment

Aquaspace S.p.A.

Opened in Rovereto in the province of Trento in 1986, this plant represents a major step forward for the diversification of the Group’s activities and marked its entry into the textile industry. It handles the production of space dyed yarns.
In 2014, after an investment of €5 million, the Aquaspace plant lauched a new purification system for treating the waste water generated by other Triveneto companies for a total of 160 thousand tons of liquid waste per year.

P: +39 0464 482500
F: +39 0464 434562

Varallo Pombia (NO)


Borgolon S.p.A.

This company and its production site at Varallo Pombia (the Group’s fifth-largest Italian plant) is already the leading European manufacturer of solution dyed polyamide textile filaments. The company was acquired in 2007 as part of the strategic development program for the textile sector.

P: +39 0321 968000
F: +39 0321 957683

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