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Code of Conduct and The Organizational, Management and Control Model

In accordance to its principles of sustainable growth, respect for territory, fair-play and transparency, the Aquafil Group has adopted a code of conduct and drawn up an Organizational, Management and Control Model.

These documents establish the main principles and guidelines regarding:

  • Respect for laws
  • Relations with others
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Internal Control
  • Human resources and human capital

The objective of the Code of Conduct, applied in all Group activities, is to foster an ethical and social commitment in carrying out business and company activities by employees, consultants, collaborators, sales agents and social organizations working with the Group at any level.

The Organizational, Management and Control Model frames the rules and principles to encourage correct behavior in internal and external relationships that each company of the Group has and are based on criteria of lawfulness, fair-play and transparency. This model, adopted by the board of directors on March 31, 2014, is applicable to the following companies of the Group: Aquafil S.p.A., Tessilquattro S.p.A., Aquafil Engineering Plastics S.p.A., Borgolon S.p.A. and Mtx Fibre S.p.A.

Both documents are available for download along with a brief abstract summarizing the main points.



Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct Slovenia


Code of Conduct Croatia


Organizational, management and control model


Abstract of Code of Conduct