Aquafil & ECONYL® showroom at NeoCon 2021
13 Okt 2021

Aquafil at NeoCon 2021 in 3 keywords: creativity, successful partnerships, and awards

Aquafil USA celebrated the 10-year anniversary of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon during NeoCon in Chicago, which took place October 4-6 2021. The theme of the showroom was “Turning Waste Into Endless Possibilities: 10 Years of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon.”

In the first NeoCon since 2019, Aquafil hosted over 300 visitors to the showroom. Visitors learned about the ECONYL® regeneration system, explored products made with ECONYL® nylon both live in the showroom and online on the new ECONYL® e-shop for conscious consumers, and enjoyed adding their creative mark to the 10-year celebration coloring wall.

Two standout products from this year’s Aquafil showroom include the noho move™ chair and the Delos Technicolor Collection. The innovative move™ chair was submitted for the award jointly by noho, a new furniture brand originating from Aotearoa New Zealand, and Aquafil. The noho move™ chair won the Best of NeoCon Guest Seating Gold and Sustainability Awards.

The Delos Technicolor collection was also a new feature at NeoCon. The collection is inspired by the 1950s, when color TV was first introduced and pop art was disrupting the traditional views of what art should be.

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