AquafilCRO beehive
04 Nov 2021

AquafilCRO creates its own beehive

AquafilCRO d.o.o., part of the Aquafil Group, is happy to share that the Croatian company created its own hive with happy bees during Summer 2021.

Since July 2021, AquafilCRO is home to 3 bee communities. This is a kind of extension of the Bee Trail Project (Ljubljana), which included AquafilSLO. The bee trail was designed and opened by the City of Ljubljana in 2015 as one of the activities within the Green Capital of Europe 2016 project. As members of the same group, AquafilCRO aims at getting involved in the same projects, sharing ideas, and applying common practices to support the project. Furthermore, we liked the idea because bees are extremely important to humans and one of the most important species in the world.

Without their pollination, we would have to give up about a third of the food. Bees are the main support of our ecosystem. More than 80% of indigenous flowering plants depend on their pollination. Without bees, our landscape, diet, and the future of flora and fauna would be threatened. Unfortunately, the number of bees around the world is falling. Although not known exactly, it is thought to be due to the destruction of natural habitats, the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and climate change. Human activities actually play a big role in this. Bees cannot survive in a polluted environment, so their presence in our factories confirms that our production has no detrimental effect on their habits.

A house with bee colonies was placed on the lawn of AquafilCRO and painted.
The beehive is located in an undeveloped grassy area within our AquafilCRO factory complex. Here, bees have enough space and a variety of grazing options – the commissioner chose the place for the house according to the prediction of where the bees will move to go to graze. In the vicinity of the field, in fact, there is also a grove.

The place and the beehive have been checked and approved by the commissioner of the Croatian Beekeepers‘ Association.