05 Mai 2016


Diesel, the famous urbanwear fashion brand, has launched its first denim garment made with Dryarn®. The jeans for men model Carrot SP 0671X is already on sale in the Diesel on-line store.

Diesel, fashion trendsetter and innovator, has chosen Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre in the world, for a denim garment where lightness and comfort are outstanding features. Dryarn® is already widely used by leading sportswear manufacturers because of its excellent performance. The fashion world is now beginning to see the advantages and using Dryarn® can now offer denim fans something truly new. If you like a casual style then the exceptional Carrot SP 0671X jeans are the comfortable, practical garment for you.
The Diesel R&D laboratory has designed a new denim fabric where the cotton weft has been substituted with a Dryarn® one. The resulting fabric used in the Carrot SP 0671X model worn in contact with the skin is lighter and more breathable.