14 Feb 2018


Ljubljana, February 13, 2018. Giuliano Poletti, Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policies visited AquafilSLO, the Aquafil plant in Slovenia, accompanied by Italian Ambassador for Slovenia Paolo Trichilo.

In Ljubljana, the pair was welcomed by two representatives of the senior management of Aquafil, Fabrizio Calenti and Adriano Vivaldi, as well as members of the board of directors of AquafilSLO Denis Jahić, dr. Saša Muminović and Gregor Kranjc. The Minister and Ambassador were presented with the activities of the Aquafil Group and then given the opportunity to visit the Slovenian plant. Great attention was paid during the visit to the plant for the regeneration of waste into new nylon, illustrating a process unique in the world, developed entirely by Aquafil thanks to years of research and development. The Minister was impressed by the production process of nylon regeneration and commented, “Aquafil is a very interesting, innovative company, because here the circular economy — the idea that something can be produced without needing to take anything away from the environment — is concretely realized. It shows that this way of thinking about economics and industry is not just a good theory, but is a real industrial reality! Compliments! It is a great honor, also because Aquafil is an Italian company, present not only in Slovenia, but also in the rest of the world.”

Today Aquafil has 15 plants in the world, including the subsidiary AquafilSLO, which has 4 plants in Slovenia: they are in Ljubljana, Senozece, Ajdovscina and Celje. The Aquafil Group started its internationalization process in 1995 through the acquisition of the Slovenian AquafilSLO, then Julon – a polymerization and production plant for nylon yarns – and was able to inaugurate the first plant for the regeneration of nylon waste for the production of ECONYL® yarn in 2011 thanks to an investment of over 30 million euro.

The 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon produced from waste is the product that has made Aquafil an example is a model of a circular economy appreciated all over the world.