The only piece dyeable fiber made of 100% regenerated nylon, offering the ultimate flexibility with a clear conscience.

ECONYL® Pure is reclaimed, pre- and post-consumer nylon 6 carpet fiber and other nylon waste that is regenerated into new nylon 6 – and engineered to be regenerated an infinite number of times. So it can be dyed into colors for new carpet again and again, and again.

Traditional industry recycling process can result in material degradation, but the ECONYL® Regeneration System has a propietary depolymerization unit that “un-zips” the nylon 6 molecules and returns them to the their monomer state of the raw material. This regenerated raw material can then be turned back into new nylon 6 polymers which are identical to the ones made from fossil fuels.  This process can be repeated an infinite number of times with no loss of quality.

Since ECONYL® fiber has the same properties as standard nylon, the mechanical and physical properties are uncompromised. ECONYL® Pure is wear resistant, crush resistant, and soil resistant.

As the only piece dyeable fiber made of 100% regenerated nylon – at least 50% of which is post-consumer waste – ECONYL® Pure offers a flexibility like never before, all while contributing to a more sustainable future through this closed loop product.

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