18 Jun 2018


On June 11 – 13, Aquafil attended NeoCon, the world’s platform for the commercial design industry to offer introductions of new technology and ideas that mold the industry today. Aquafil was one of over 500 leading companies that showcased new products, services, and ideas.

Aquafil’s showroom displayed the 28 new colors of their ECONYL® Global Collection; now, 170 different colors are available in this line of regenerated nylon. The showroom displayed these beautiful new colors and communicated the circular process of recycling waste to make regenerated nylon with endless possibilities.

Since investing $20 million on their two new recycling facilities in Arizona and California, Aquafil can now fully deconstruct and recycle 36 million pounds of carpet per plant each year. The showroom at NeoCon had a wall dedicated to these plants and the recycled content that is destined to three different waste streams to be fully recycled into new products.

In the large window display, Aquafil showcased fashion and carpet samples that use ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The samples are a small quantity of the growing number of textile brands, including Levi, Stella McCartney, Speedo, and Outerknown, that are using ECONYL® fibers because of its sustainability and superior quality.