29 Aug 2014

Aquafil USA extrusion expansion is now complete

Aquafil USA is pleased to report the extrusion expansion at Aquafil Drive has been completed. Aquafil USA tasked Clarence Taylor Construction with the expansion onto the existing production facility that took nearly 9 months to complete. The expansion included the construction of a third tower

This major expansion will increase production capacity by 30% to allow Aquafil USA to meet its growing demand of yarn destined to the residential, commercial and automotive carpet industries. The expansion created an additional 100 jobs within the subsidiary of the Italian-based Aquafil Group.

“Aquafil USA has grown organically and physically over the past several years,” said Franco Rossi, president of Aquafil USA. “The next logical step was to upgrade our facilities to meet the demand we are facing. This expansion will allow for a smoother production operation and reaffirms our commitment to the region and U.S. market.”

Aquafil USA’s finishing plant is still in the midst of reconfiguration and should be completed by mid-September. This new plant will focus exclusively on air entanglement, twisting and heatsetting.