27 Oct 2018

ECONYL® Regeneration System displayed at the Circular Economy exhibition

A mobile exhibition on “The circular economy in the Danube region” is travelling across various countries: – from August to September 2018, it was in Augsburg (Germany) – in October 2018 it was at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in Ljubljana – from November to December 2018 it will be at the Ministry of the Environment and […]

09 Oct 2018

Divers remove monster ghost fishing nets from Italian waters

4000kg of discarded fishing nets recovered from Italian waters by Healthy Seas initiative with Ghost Fishing volunteer divers Ghost fishing nets account for 10% of the total plastic waste in our seas Textile manufacturer Aquafil transforms collected oceanic and landfill waste into sustainable textiles Gucci, Richard Malone and Adidas among hundreds of other brands who […]