07 Sep 2015

Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil to John Ellison

On Friday, September 4, 2015 the Arco Rock Legends celebrated its 10th edition and assigned the prestigious Salewa Rock Award and La Sportiva Competition Award during the Rock Master Festival and the World Youth Climbing Championships 2015.

This was a truly special moment, also to meet the winner of the prestigious Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil prize awarded to a sports person who has contributed to the culture of climbing worldwide. This year the prize will go to John Ellison, the founder of Climbers against Cancer, the initiative that promotes and raises awareness in the battle against this universal illness that touches, directly or indirectly, almost all of us. Over 400,000 euros raised and more than 20,000 CAC T-shirts, in all colors of the rainbow worn by climbers from around the world, are a clear demonstration of the overwhelming support from the climbing community. Thanks also to Ellison who, through his constant positivity and by “feeding” off the energy of the climbers, has never ceased to fight against his illness.

Aquafil is very honored to have awarded such a special man.