27 Dec 2017

Aquafil and social commitment to sustainable development.

As part of our commitment to our communities , Aquafil has always sponsored organizations that are dedicated to research in various fields. In the last few months, at least three initiatives have been promoted by the Group:

  1. A donation to Telethon, which every day engages in research to find solutions to rare diseases;
  2. A contribution to the TimeShrine Foundation for the initiative “One planet, One future”, promoted by the Franco-American artist Anne de Carbuccia. Anne travels the world to document with her artistic photos the evolution of the planet and the impact of man on the environment. For more information: http://www.oneplanetonefuture.org/it/
  3. A donation made by Aquafil and by employees to ABIO Trento, (Association for children in hospitals), to which we have been devoted for more than forty years. ABIO works alongside the children who are hospitalized with the aim of making the impact of their hospitalization less traumatic and offering support to parents during the difficult period of hospitalization of their children. As always, on Christmas Eve this year, the volunteers visited the little patients of local hospital Santa Chiara in Trento and Rovereto. Thanks to the support of Aquafil, Abio buys toys for children to play with during their staying in hospital or while waiting for medical visits.