19 Feb 2019

Aquafil creates a custom-designed, green carpet for the Pre-Oscars Sustainable Style Event in Los Angeles

Aquafil has custom-designed a green carpet for this year’s Pre-Oscars Sustainable Style Event hosted by ethical fashion house MAISON-DE-MODE.COM, at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.
The stunning 2,000 square foot carpet was made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon and it was the latest in a series of green carpets developed by Aquafil.
Last year, in fact, Aquafil developed an elaborate carpet for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan, Italy and another bold design for the CFDA Awards at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, both carpets made with ECONYL® yarn.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon was not used only for beautiful carpet, but also for clothing. Mr. Bonazzi, chairman and CEO of Aquafil SpA, and his wife were both wardrobed for the event in fashions made with ECONYL®. Mr. Bonazzi’s tuxedo was designed by Tiziano Guardini and his wife’s dress was designed by A-LAB MILANO. Both are emerging Italian designers passionate about sustainable fashion.

Aquafil brings new purpose to waste materials that would otherwise pollute the world’s landfills and oceans.

This ‘green’ carpet was created with ECONYL® fibers in a gold and white design by interior designer Sasha Bikoff, inspired by the glamour of the Oscars. After the event, the worn part of the green carpet will be recycled at Aquafil’s Carpet Recycling Plant in Phoenix, while portions of the carpet that remain in good condition will be reused.

We are very excited to have Aquafil provide the green carpet for our Sustainable Style Gala this year,” said Hassan Pierre, co-founder of MAISON-DE-MODE.COM. “ECONYL® fiber is at the cutting edge of sustainable textiles and enables gorgeous designs without sacrificing quality or style. This perfectly aligns with the sustainability and ethics goals of our fashion house.

The Aquafil team is honored to highlight the beautiful possibilities of sustainable style with MAISON-DE-MODE.COM,” said Giulio Bonazzi, chairman and CEO of Aquafil SpA. “The fashion world is embracing sustainable sourcing, materials and processes and we are excited to have ECONYL® as part of this important revolution.