Informal Meeting of Competitiveness Ministers
16 Jul 2021

Best circular economy practices in the textile field: Giulio Bonazzi speaker at the Meeting of Ministers in Slovenia

Slovenia, as the presiding country of the Council of the European Union, organises an Informal Meeting of Competitiveness Ministers (Internal Market and Industry) on 22 July 2021 in Ljubljana

The theme of the meeting under the heading “Building a Green, Creative and Smart Future” will be based on two priorities of the Slovenian Presidency: the transition to a circular economy and creative industries as a generator of added value in the economy.
In this context, Giulio Bonazzi will present Aquafil successes, as well as the circular economy experience in the field of textile.

Textile has been identified as one of the priority sectors in which the EU can pave the way towards a carbon-neutral, circular economy. The forthcoming EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles will address the opportunities for the EU textile industry and its structural weaknesses, for example, textile waste and textile recycling.