30 Sep 2019

Consumers want to buy sustainably—they just don’t know how

30 September 2019

FAST COMPANY – by Jessica Klein

A new study finds that while 95% of people in the U.S. think sustainability is a good goal, most of them don’t know what to look for to determine if something is, in fact, sustainable.

There’s something different about H&M’s newly released 2019 fall and winter collections: They’re sustainable. Made from recycled textiles, metals, and discarded cotton fibers, the fast-fashion brand’s new line is trying to step away from an industry cluttered with products made from crude oil, like nylon.

H&M is one of several brands working with Project Effective, which promotes the use of sustainable materials in the textile industry and was formed last year by companies Aquafil, a carpet manufacturer supplier, and Genomatica, which licenses bioengineering processes for creating natural alternatives to synthetic products.


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