30 Jun 2020

Designed to Save Your Back

June 30, 2020 | By Meghan Dwyer – CONTRACT DESIGN

The noho move chair fits our bodies, dynamic ways of life, and values without negatively impacting our environment.

Sustainability-focused, New Zealand–born and Boulder, Colorado–based furniture company noho has released an ergonomic chair that offers comfort without compromise. As the product of a company that believes furniture should both look and feel good, while doing good for the planet, the noho move chair was created to transform the traditional static nature of home furniture. It does this by integrating the dynamic, ergonomic comfort of a premium everyday chair with sustainable design.

“Made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, from upcycled waste plastic like reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets, the noho move chair is manufactured predominately from ECONYL regenerated nylon, helping turn the tide on what’s possible for our planet and future,” says Giulilo Bonazzi, CEO and chairman of Aquafil.


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