04 Mar 2021

Giulio Bonazzi joining 2021 LBS’s social impact conference: Reinventing the Mainstream

Giulio Bonazzi will be joining the 2021 London Business School’s social impact conference as a speaker, addressing the topic Fashion inspiring the business world on Climate Action.

This year’s conference theme is “Reinventing the Mainstream – The Time to Reinvent the Impact of Business is Now“.
It is a platform that demands and inspires businesses to act on their social and environmental responsibility with immediacy and materiality. The case for social agency has been proven by research over decades yet is far from being adopted as a mainstream business practice. Our generation is facing cumulative crises (from climate change to poverty), and the COVID 19 pandemic has further exposed deep systemic barriers to solving them.
Reinventing the Mainstream is a call to action for businesses to fully incorporate social and environmental priorities into their strategies for success. As part of the conference, they will demonstrate paths to success in three industries and provide examples of quantifiable results. Critical discussions will be conducted by connecting diverse stakeholders and decision makers, including representatives from FTSE companies, government institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and academics.

Giulio Bonazzi will be live at 13:00 (GMT) on 9th March. To learn more about this session, the conference agenda and to purchase your ticket, go to www.socialimpactconference.co.uk