Giulio Bonazzi speaker at Fashion Futures Live
09 Dec 2021

Giulio Bonazzi speaker at Fashion Futures Live on sustainable alternatives for all brands

Fashion Futures Live is back. The two-day event “Fashion Futures – The future is now” will bring together global, regional, and local fashion communities to create a dynamic exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expertise. Fashion Futures will build on the topics discussed at the last event in June and focus on the themes of sustainability, innovation, diversity & culture, and entrepreneurship.

Giulio Bonazzi will be the speaker of the panel “Sustainable Alternatives for All Brands” Saturday, 11th December 2021 from 10:15 to 10:45 (Riyadh Time). 

As the fashion industry evolves, more and more brands are looking toward sustainable materials for reasons of environmental protection, water conservation, and the minimization of production costs. Today, we count on hundreds of alternative sustainable materials, cheap or expensive, ranging from apple leather to ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Between software, new textiles, and actions we can take, brands can work towards being more environmentally friendly.

The session with Giulio Bonazzi will also host the speakers Sakhaa Abdul, Coded Nation’s co-founder, and Andras Forgacs, Modern Meadow’s co-founder.

Launched in Riyadh in 2019 as the Kingdom’s first ever dedicated fashion event, Fashion Futures is an initiative from the Fashion Commission aimed at supporting the creation of the fashion ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Reengineered in 2021, the Fashion Futures bespoke digital platform connects audiences from all around the world to its annual summit in Riyadh.

The event will be open to not only fashion experts and professionals but also to fashion enthusiasts, who will be able to attend and participate virtually in a series of curated online events from around the world upon registration on Fashion Futures’ website