20 Oct 2017

Governor Nathan Deal Visits Aquafil Headquarters in Italy.

Last Thursday, October 19th, Governor Nathan Deal and his spouse Sandra, along with a delegation of the Georgia Department of Economic development led by Pat Wilson, visited Aquafil Headquarters in Arco, Italy.

The Georgia delegation was welcomed by Aquafil CEO and major shareholder, Giulio Bonazzi, and by Franco Rossi, President of Aquafil USA, the Cartersville-based US subsidiary.

Aquafil USA was established in 1999 in Cartersville, Georgia and currently operates two facilities with approximately 350 jobs, all within the city limits of Cartersville.

During the visit, Giulio Bonazzi illustrated Aquafil’s plans for future expansions in the US, and possibly in Georgia, mostly related to additional carpet recycling facilities like the one just incorporated in Phoenix, Arizona.

Aquafil intends to keep investing in its ECONYL® Regeneration System where spent fish nets, used carpets and other products at the end of their economic life are converted back into nylon 6 resin and fibers with the same exact properties of the ones made through traditional fossil fuels-based technology.

Governor Deal was very appreciative of the efforts made by Aquafil to provide a sustainable solution to recycle spent nylon 6 carpets into its ECONYL® products.

On his trip, the governor also visited the PIRELLI headquarters in Milan, and he met with many Italian entrepreneurs at a reception held by the US Consul General in Milan, Elizabeth Lee Martinez.

Governor Deal expressed appreciation for all the investments made by Italian companies in Georgia and offered all his support to further promote business exchanges between Italy and Georgia.

About Aquafil USA

Aquafil USA is a subsidiary of Italian-based Aquafil S.p.A., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Polyamide 6 synthetic polymers and fibers. Located in Cartersville, Ga., Aquafil USA has been supplying the carpet industry with premium carpet fibers for residential, commercial and automotive purposes since 1999. The company, along with its parent organization, is committed to improving the environment by pioneering sustainability initiatives to ensure a brighter future for tomorrow.