24 Nov 2014

Congratulations to AquafilCRO

On Wednesday, November 19 the mayor of Krapina-Zagorje County Zeljko Kolar and President of the County Assembly Vlasta Hubicki attended a cerimony for the 20th anniversary of the Croatian Chamber of Economy County Chamber of Krapina. On this occasion also the most successful companies during 2013 year have been awarded with plaques “Golden Marten”.
AquafilCRO was one of them. It  has been awarded the Golden Plaque  as the best medium-size company in Krapisko-Zagorska Country in 2013 by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
During this event, distinguished guests highlighted the excellent cooperation between local government and the County Chamber of Krapina. They expressed their hope to continue to cooperate in such a positive direction, which ultimately means better economic environment for businesses, but also for all citizens of the region. Josip Zaher, Vice President for Tourism, Trade and Finance of Croatian Chamber of Economy said that the fact that in the Krapina-Zagorje County are happening so many positive things at a time when the government of Croatia is going through a period of serious economic crisis is very cheering.