04 Mar 2014


Almost a year ago Aquafil, the ECNC Group and Star Sock established the “Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear” initiative. The main objective of the Healthy Seas initiative is to remove waste, in particular fishing nets and other marine litter, from the seas for the purpose of recycling these into textile products.

The dumping of fishing nets is an open wound in our ecosystem and unfortunately recovered fishing nets are still all too often dumped into landfills or burned, but thanks to Healthy Seas Initiative this marine litter could be regenerated into ECONYL® yarn, which will then be used to create new products such as socks, swimwear, underwear and carpets.

The new Healthy Seas website is now out and ready to take you on the exciting journey from waste to wear!

The site is in fact built on the three main elements of this initiative: marine protection, regeneration and products. Every visitor will be able to explore each activity devoted to marine protection, from our pilot projects to the single diving trips that will be described and shared in our blog and visible in each page of the website too.

Also, through the “regeneration” page, people will be able to follow through the process that allows the transformation of marine waste into ECONYL® yarn for new textile products. In this page, also posts from the world of recycling and regeneration will appear.

Last, but not least at all because it is where another journey starts: the final products. This part is dedicated to the final textiles produced by our partners also with the recovered fishing nets coming from the initiative. People will be able to see these products through our gallery of images and also through the blog posts talking about the interesting activities of our partners.

The site is also a treasure trove of stories about the people that are behind the initiative: from our partners to the founding members to the volunteer divers to the single individuals that work on the project every day.

Did you get inspired and want to make the difference with us? You can support the Healthy Seas initiative in many ways, discover them on our ‘What you can do’ section and stay tuned on Healthy Seas social media channels for been updated about the latest activities.