18 Nov 2016


CMP has chosen Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre existing in nature born from the tradition and experience of Aquafil, for a second layer skiwear collection for men and women, combining cutting-edge technology with fashion.

The AI 2016-2017 collection is already available at the best sports shops.

CMP has chosen Dryarn® because this fiber makes it possible to create garments that are lightweight and with a very high technical performance in terms of comfort, thermoregulation and breathability. The main aim is to meet the needs of sportsmen and women, in skiing and all other winter sports, who need to be warm, comfortable and agile in their movements.

These garments are very lightweight but at the same time offer the great thermal protection of Dryarn®’s high insulation capacity, which keeps the body temperature stable and protects it from cold and heat, with a pleasant feeling of dry skin thanks to the fiber’s great breathability. Dryarn®’s low specific gravity also makes it possible to create fine, low-bulk garments with a close fit that adhere perfectly to the shape of the body and allow athletes maximum freedom of movement.

They’re also low-maintenance garments; they can be washed easily in a machine, dry quickly and don’t need ironing. They’re colour-fast and abrasion-resistant (they don’t suffer from pilling caused by rubbing) thanks to Dryarn®’s high moisture resistance, which prolongs their life and guarantees the exceptional maintenance conditions described above. All these “unique” characteristics, such as maximum wearability, low maintenance and thermal comfort, make Dryarn® an invisible signature inside the most innovative fashion garments.

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