19 Feb 2016


Hotel operators have to be flexible in order to give to their guests the specific room that meets their needs. Especially when people have specific needs.

The Hotel-Kompetenz-Zentrum together with partner companies such as Anker Teppichboden and Aquafil SpA and in collaboration with Prof. Rudolf Schricker of Coburg University, Faculty of Design developed the project “Hotel & Care” to accurately fill this gap in the hotel market.

The German Institute for Interior Design + Design – did – in cooperation with Prof. Schricker have established a new fundamental principle in the hotel market that is able to combine comfort and quality.

Together with 24 partner companies the project will be implemented in stages. The aim is to develop hotel rooms, which are designed to meet the needs of people with specific needs or people with disabilities, without that they look like “nursing rooms”.

In the coming weeks, on the second floor of the Hotel-Kompetenz-Zentrum will be set up two prototypes of rooms of this type: a single room with a modern and minimal design furniture, and a doubleroom that emphasizes the comfort.

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