25 May 2016

Meeting Primavera 2016

On Sunday May the 22nd ended the 2016 edition of Aquafil renowned Meeting Primavera. It was the occasion to show to 20 European customers the ECONYL® facilities in Slovenia, to explain them how the ECONYL® Regeneration System works and to talk with them about the benefits generated by using our ECONYL® fiber.

They were all very excited about the meeting that has been held in the beautiful of Portorose, a location that we know very well since it is the place where FONDA Sustainable Fishfarm, a project partner of the Healthy Seas, grows their special seabasses.

Visitors had the possibility to have a tour of the fishfarm on the boat and admire all the aspects of caring for the environment, including the care of the fishingnets.

Have a look at the picture.