08 Sep 2016


Many years have passed since the Aquafil Group began its sustainability journey. The goal was always clear: undertake a journey that allows us to grow and create value for stakeholders and the territory, while fully respecting the environment and natural resources.

For the past nine years, we have chosen to report our commitment through the sustainability report, an efficient and transparent tool that allows people to evaluate our actions, check our achievements and share our promise for the future.

The document was developed according to the principle of materiality, i.e. involving our stakeholders, to decide what to cover in the report itself. This approach, already adopted with excellent results in 2014, has allowed us to focus on those aspects that are important not only for us but also for everyone involved in our value chain, making it an instrument of dialogue and document sharing.

Our goal for the coming years is to increasingly involve the participants in the value chain, strengthening the link between the Group and the territory in which we operate. We believe that sustainability requires a systemic approach supported not only by the individual companies, but also by all the companies that gravitate around.

It is right on the involvement, in fact, that we decided to aim to make the supply chain of our products even more virtuous. This is why in 2015 we launched the project ECONYL® Qualified, whose goal is to stimulate all suppliers that are part of ECONYL® system to take measures for the improvement of their environmental performance.


Download the report and visit our new “Sustainability” section on Aquafil website