09 Sep 2014

W & J Knox Acquisition Complete

ARCO (TN), Italy, September 4, 2014 –  The Aquafil Group completed today the acquisition of Knox Fiber, the division of Scottish-based company W & J Knox Ltd dedicated to the processing of carpet yarn.
The Aquafil Group has established a new company under the name of Aquafil UK that will aim at strengthening the Group’s competitive position in the UK market, which represents 10% of European sales.
Through the acquisition of the BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) finishing operations at Knox, the Aquafil Group aims at improving its service to its UK customers at the highest degree of excellence. The new Aquafil UK facilities will be integrated with the Group’s current facilities worldwide and see large on-site investments to support machine installation and technological advances.
The Kilbirnie plant represents a perfect logistical base to supply customers in the United Kingdom and other  Northern European countries. The new facility will join the Group’s existing European plants located in Italy, Slovenia and Germany.