30 Jun 2020

Italian divers just rescued a whale caught in ‘ghost’ fishing nets

2020, June 30 | Charlotte Edmond – WEFORUM

Italian divers have freed a sperm whale caught in discarded fishing nets.
It is just one of many whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine mammals that get caught in ghost nets each year.
Clean-ups are taking place around the world, and it’s hoped education and cooperation across the seafood supply chain will help curb ocean litter.
Just because a net is no longer being used doesn’t mean it can’t continue to catch things. Italian divers have freed a sperm whale entangled in a fishing net off the northern coast of Sicily.


Elsewhere, companies are working to turn marine waste into useful products once more. Aquafil uses nylon waste from fishing nets to create new yarn for the fashion industry.


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