29 Jun 2020

Secrets for circular supply chain partnerships from Interface and Aquafil

June 29, 2020 | By Elsa Wenzel – GreenBiz

It’s an enviable alliance that has outlasted most marriages. For two decades, Interface and Aquafil have worked together to close the loop on carpeting, an example that other companies have followed.

The carpet maker and the nylon supplier moved long ago past the early steps of engagement and strategy. They’ve innovated on raw materials, resulting in Aquafil’s Econyl yarn that it recycles from ghost fishing nets, carpet fluff and other would-be waste. They’ve co-launched pilot projects that have reshaped their supply chains, including the Net Works program, which pays fishers in the Philippines and Cameroon for turning in castoff nets used to create new nylon. They’ve expanded their markets and slashed carbon footprints along the way, cementing reputations as innovators.

What are the secrets for the successes of this longtime collaboration between Interface and Aquafil? A virtual GreenBiz event June 23, “How to Get Your Supply Chain to Embrace Circularity,” moderated by GreenBiz co-founder and Executive Editor Joel Makower, revealed insights.


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