Celje Teharje

AquafilSLO Celje Teharje

The Production Plant BCF Aquaset was set up in the year 2000 in order to extend the products range and quantities of the heatset Bulk Continuous Filaments. The plant is located  located in the Celje East Industrial Zone extends over 15.000 m2 and it employs more than 200 persons. With over a 1000 tons of different BCF heatset monthly its serves the clients in all continents, where the textile floor covering production industry is well-established. Thanks to its experienced team of technologists the Production Plant BCF Aquaset is the centre of the industrial technological development of the Superba heatset BCF filaments, which is able to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of our clients for new applications of heatset products.


P: +386 3 780 21 50
F: +386 3 780 21 65