The ECONYL® yarn

The ECONYL® brand is not just a yarn but represents a new way of thinking, a way to reconcile the desire for innovation with the constant commitment of the Company to protect the environment.
The ECONYL® regeneration process transforms what was waste into a new source of opportunities to be implemented in the fashion and furniture industries.
In fact, nylon waste, such as fishing nets that can no longer be used, or textile production scraps normally destined for disposal, are recovered and transformed into a new yarn, having the same characteristics as nylon made of virgin raw material.


How the endless yarn is born: analysis of the life cycle

LCA Analysis

When planning a trip, besides your destination it is important to understand your starting point. This is also true when planning a sustainability strategy. For this reason, Aquafil has examined the environmental impact of its products through the analysis of their life cycle (LCA).

The results of the analysis provided a broad overview of the environmental impact of nylon yarn, with specific indications of how the impact is associated with each stage of the nylon life cycle. In particular, the extraction phase of raw materials has proved to be the most impactful and therefore this is where we concentrated our improvement efforts.

Research and innovation led Aquafil to launch the ECONYL® Regeneration System project: a highly innovative industrial system that allows turning disused nylon into a secondary raw material for new products, therefore avoiding new waste entering the environment.


The ECONYL® Qualified Project

The project

The “ECONYL® Qualified” project was born from the desire to continue to improve the environmental performance of the ECONYL® yarn, also working on the production phases not directly controlled by Aquafil, such as transport, supply of auxiliary raw materials and packaging.

The initiative led to the “ECONYL® Qualified” award, a qualification aimed at encouraging excellence and continuous improvement along the ECONYL® supply chain. To achieve it, the supplier is required to meet a series of environmental criteria, mainly concerning the use of materials and the production process management, all described in the ECONYL® Qualified Protocol.

The project started in 2016 thanks to our collaboration with four suppliers participating in the pilot and belonging to the “product transport” and “production of tubes by wire” areas. The project is progressively expanding thanks to the involvement of an increasing number of suppliers, both in already identified sectors and new ones (such as the wire finishing sector and the fishing nets supply).

Find out how to be an ECONYL® Qualified supplier

01. REQUEST TO PARTICIPATE by sending an email to [email protected]

02. Sign the DATA PROCESSING AGREEMENT you will receive: it serves to protect your privacy.

03. Send a synthetic ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT certifying your compliance with the requirements outlined in the Guideline. The document shall include a description of your Company and an assessment of your environmental performance based on the KPIs described in the Protocol.

Download the ECONYL® Qualified Protocol and the application documents

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