Sustainability for us

We firmly believe that the only way to be sustainable and competitive over time is to grow in harmony with the surrounding territory and communities, while respecting and safeguarding the environment.
Sustainability is an integral part of the Group’s business strategy and affects all of the strategic decisions.
This is the reason why series of guidelines called THE ECO PLEDGE have been developed and are the foundations of the Group’s operations and reflect its way of doing business.

“Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking, a way of being, a principle we must be guided by.”

Giulio Bonazzi – Chairman, Aquafil Group

Our guiding lines

TO DRAW motivation from its clients who make sustainability their development strategy

TO DESIGN more durable and environmentally friendly products;

TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN good relationships with the communities in which the Group operates and intends to grow in the future, by strengthening links in each territory

REINFORCE the Company bond in the territory through constant attention to internal resources


The Energy & Recycling operating unit

The mission of Energy & Recycling

The Energy & Recycling operating unit is dedicated to the promotion of research activities and sustainable projects for all Group activities.

Energy: Encouraging projects and technological innovations which use renewable or green energy sources while improving energy efficiency and enabling the Group's production facilities to reduce CO2 emissions.

Recycling: Promoting the use of recycled materials while designing products which can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

Culture: Developing and promote a culture of sustainability in relation to all stakeholders by means of routine staff training and building partnerships with customers and suppliers.


Research initiatives

Our main research

Scientific research is essential for introducing innovative and sustainable products onto the market. This is why it is one of the main pillars of the Group.
Main projects include:

Nylon Regeneration Project

What started as a pilot project is now a reality. We are able to regenerate Nylon 6 waste...


Nylon Regeneration Project

What started as a pilot project is now a reality. We are able to regenerate Nylon 6 waste into ECONYL® yarn with the same quality and characteristics as nylon yarns made from natural resources but with much lower environmental impact. Research is ongoing in order to improve the regeneration process and its efficiency in terms of environmental impact.