Company foundation

Arco, Italy

The Group’s first production facility is established in Arco, Italy for polymerization and manufacturing of Nylon 6 fibers.

Aquaspace and Gardafilo

Aquaspace and Gardafilo S.p.A. are founded to produce space-dyed and refined polyester fibers in Rovereto, Italy.

Aquafil Engineering

Aquafil Engineering is estabilished in Berlin, Germany with the task of producing and selling knowledge and equipment for the production of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 fibers, polyester fibers and filters.

Special Polymers and Tessil4

Aquafil S.p.A. acquires Special Polymers and Tessil4. Special Polymers, based in Ceriano Laghetto (Monza, Italy), specializes in the engineering plastics sector while Tessil4, located in Cares (Trento, Italy), focuses on the reprocessing of fibers for the BCF sector.

Julon d.d.

The Aquafil Group starts its internationalization process with the acquisition of Julon d.d. – an important production facility based in Ljubljana, Slovenia that specializes in polymerization and production of BCF and NTF fibers.

Aquafil USA

Aquafil USA, dedicated to the reprocessing and sale of BCF fibers in the US market, is founded in Cartersville, Georgia. This marks the second stage of internationalization.

Foundation of Aquafil Asia Pacific

A new business unit — Energy & Recycling — is established to focus on recycling, energy and sustainability issues.

Aquafil Asia Pacific is founded in Rayong, Thailand to reprocess and sell fibers in the Asia-Pacific market.


The Borgolon plant in Varallo Pombia, Italy is also acquired.

Hutton & Collins

The Hutton & Collins fund enters the company’s capital with an investment of €45 million.

Aquafil China

Aquafil Jiaxing Sythetic Fibers and Polymers is established in Jiaxing, China to produce BCF synthetic fibers and engineering plastics. This new project gives the Aquafil Group a stronger presence in the valuable Chinese market.


The Julon plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia begins producing ECONYL® polymer from pre- and post- consumer waste.


XLAnce Fibra Italia is created when Carvico and Aquafil acquire XLA, an innovative elastomeric fiber, as a joint venture.

Aquafil Leuna

Aquafil sells its Engineering Plastics division to Belgian company Domo Chemicals. In the sale, Aquafil acquires Xentrys in Leuna, Germany and is later renamed Aqualeuna.

Aquafil UK

The Aquafil Group completes the acquisition of Knox Fiber, the division of Scottish-based company W & J Knox Ltd dedicated to the processing of carpet yarn, and establishs a new company under the name Aquafil UK.

Waste Water Treatment

Establishment of Waste Treatment Center – Third Parties by Aquaspace of Rovereto

50° Anniversary

50° Anniversary. Since our foundation in 1965,  we have concentrated resources, ideas and investments on growth and excellence with the focus of environmental, social and corporate sustainability.

Listing on the italian stock exchange

Milan, December 4, 2017: Aquafil shares are now listed on the Italian stock exchange with the aim of a circular venture, following a production model inspired by nature and its infinite capacity for regeneration. A vision based on concrete achievements like ECONYL® 100% regenerated and 100% performance nylon yarn. Aquafil revolutionizes the concept of waste, transforming it into a raw material that can be regenerated indefinitely.

INVISTA acquisition, the EFFECTIVE project and the first ACR#1

  • February, Aquafil signs an agreement with Invista reinforcing its presence in Asia Pacific.
  • June, the Group is part of the European project EFFECTIVE aimed at the development of nylon and other textile fiber from biomaterials.
  • December, Aquafil celebrates its first Carpet Recycling plant (ACR#1) in the United States, for the purpose of recycling and transforming old carpets into regenerated nylon yarn.

O'Mara Incorporated acquisition

On May 31, Aquafil acquires O’Mara Incorporated and strengthens its position in the USA.