Leading manufacturer of Nylon 6

Since 50 years, Aquafil has been one of the leading players, both in Italy and globally, in the production of Polyamide 6: a landmark in terms of quality and product innovation. Additionally, the Group is a leader in the research of new production models for sustainable development.
This commitment to research and development leads to the regular renewal of processes and products thanks to continuous investments of capital and knowledge.


Our mission and values

To acknowledge the needs of everyone within the Aquafil Group worldwide and those who help to achieve our goals: employees, contractors, suppliers and local communities in which the Group operates

To further develop an international presence by enhancing the potential in new and emerging countries

To set new standards for the market through research and innovation

To play a leading role in new models for sustainable development in order to secure the future of company growth and future generations


Global Presence & Product Areas

The Group has a presence in seven countries on three continents with 16 plants employing more than 2,900 people in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand and China.

It operates through two product areas:


An operating unit dedicated to sustainability

Always committed to taking real measures to protect the environment, Aquafil established the Energy & Recycling operating unit in 2008.
It supports all Group's manufacturing units in order to promote:

the principles of sustainability both inside and outside the Group

the use of low impact or renewable energies and energy saving

the use of recycled materials


Aquafil: Facts and Figures

The Aquafil Group primarily manufactures Nylon 6 fibers and polymers, but also produces Nylon 6,6 and Dryarn.







* Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, United Kingdom, The United States (Georgia, California, Arizona and North Carolina), Thailand and China