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AquafilSLO d.o.o.

Acquired in 1995, this plant marked the first stage of the Group’s internationalization program, and was the first part of the privatization process which began in this central European state after the fall of the Tito regime. The plant carried out the polymerization and production of carpet and textile yarns.

Early in 2011, the first depolymerization system, part of the ECONYL® project, was inaugurated at the Julon factory in Ljubljana. A center of excellence for the Group’s policies of sustainability and innovation, this plant can produce the raw material essential for the Group’s operations from post-industrial and post consumer waste made from polyamide 6.

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AquafilSLO Senožeče

The plant dedicated to warping of textile filaments was set up in the year 2000 in the ex-cotton weaving plant in Senožeče. The warping production process consists of parallel rewinding of more than thousand bobbins (1160, 1360, 1475 …) onto a single warp beam. There are actually 5 electronically operated and controlled warping machines in the plant, which with the optimal configuration of creels can produce around 400 tons of products monthly. The space occupied by the production halls and service areas is over 7000 m2.


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Celje Teharje

AquafilSLO Celje Teharje

The Production Plant Carpet Yarn Aquaset was set up in the year 2000 in order to extend the products range and quantities of the heatset Bulk Continuous Filaments. The plant is located  located in the Celje East Industrial Zone extends over 15.000 m2 and it employs more than 200 persons. With over a 1000 tons of different carpet yarn heatset monthly its serves the clients in all continents, where the textile floor covering production industry is well-established. Thanks to its experienced team of technologists the Production Plant Carpet Yarn Aquaset is the centre of the industrial technological development of the Superba heatset carpet yarn filaments, which is able to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of our clients for new applications of heatset products.


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AquafilSLO Ajdovščina

The Ajdovščina facility provides a warehouse for all the waste collected worldwide.

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