29 Dec 2015

Julon with the ECONYL® Regeneration System launches a new kind of collaboration

Julon d.o.o. (the Slovenian company of Aquafil Group) and the Atlantis Waterpark in Ljubljana (BTC), have signed an agreement where excess of thermal energy from the ECONYL® Regeneration System (Julon) will be transferred to Atlantis, to provide 100% of the waterpark’s thermal energy requirements. The close proximity of the two allows to significantly reduce the two businesses’ environmental impacts on the city.

The initiative will result in fact in a significant decrease of the thermal energy which Atlantis purchases from the power plant of Ljubljana, and will reduce the overall production of thermal energy within the city by the same amount. More than 2.000.000 kilograms of CO2 emissions are expected to be avoided each year, that corresponds to 1100 cars driving each 35 km a day

Regardless of how “different” Julon and Atlantis activities might be, their close vicinity and this project of collaboration stand to confirm the possibilities for a modern European Capital to offer to its citizens a sustainable standard of

living, which needs to combine employment and business opportunities with the growing demand for modern health and leisure facilities.

Partnering with Atlantis to “re-use” the thermal energy which has been used in a sustainable manufacturing process not only makes the industrial activity more sustainable, but allows Ljubljana’s fiercely protected ecosystem to benefit from an overall reduction of emissions in the city area.

Julon d.o.o. is Aquafil’s largest manufacturing facility worldwide, while Atlantis is a unique recreation and relaxation facility that offers its guests a range of 16 indoor and outdoor pools and 15 saunas.