13 Jun 2020

Our new video on Aquafil Carpet Recycling Plants in the USA is now online!

Do you know what Aquafil Carpet Recycling Plants are?

Each year in the U.S., 4 billion pounds of carpet is discarded in landfills. The Aquafil carpet recycling plants focus on sourcing materials through the disassembly of carpets. The goal is to recycle as much carpet waste as possible.

Aquafil opened its first U.S. carpet recycling facility in Phoenix, AZ in 2018, and its second in Woodland, CA in 2019. The carpet recycling facilities receive used carpets and through advanced technology, disassemble the waste into their three main components: Nylon 6, Polypropylene, Calcium Carbonate. Each component enters a different stream:
– polypropylene goes into the injection molding industry,
– calcium carbonate goes into the road construction or concrete stream,
– nylon 6 feeds the ECONYL® regeneration process.

Watch the video now!